Company Overview

ECat is an Indianapolis based high performance electric bike company.  ECat’s target market is the law enforcement community.  Our mission is to offer a high performance alternative to traditional gas fueled vehicles, while driving dramatic cost-savings for the fiscally overwhelmed police departments we serve.  ECat bikes are globally sourced and are made of high quality component parts with innovate design features.  Quicker response times, more efficient neighborhood policing – while being energy efficient.  We aim to maintain the ease of maneuverability, only offered by a bike, without compromising on the technical capability or consumer appeal.    Quiet, cost efficient, and amazingly effective, our fleet is able to bridge the gap between automobiles and foot patrol better than anything else available today, including the standard pedal mountain bike.

ECat aims to be a leader in the alternative fuel vehicle industry.  While there are certainly exciting technologies that exist, the infrastructure is often lacking to implement such technology, electric cars being an example.  Range anxiety will not be alleviated in the near future, despite the dollars being thrown at development within that industry.  ECat, on the other hand – offers an immediate positive environmental impact.  Still, other options, such as segways, do not offer the high performance capability necessary in the law enforcement setting.   So, we developed our fleet of ebikes to meet that need – high speed, high performance, long range, and sleek consumer appeal.

Our mission is to open eyes to the potential of high performance clean tech.  Commercialization of the ECat will educate consumers on the high performance capabilities of alternative fuel, and hopefully spur new clean tech initiatives with this momentum.  We don’t want to expose a niche market – we want to help develop the entire space.  Gas is too expensive, motorcycles are too dangerous, public transportation is crowded and only gets you half way where you need to go, pedal bikes leave you tired…get an ECat e-bike.